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4 Pros of a Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

Have you decided to get a Pull-Out Kitchen faucet for yourself but still confused if it would be suitable or not? A Pull-Out Kitchen faucet is one of the most popular types of kitchen faucet due to its easy use and convenience. It is a great choice for all those people who don’t have a large sink but would like their faucet sprayer to cover great distances but that is not all, there are several other pros of using a Pull-Out Kitchen faucet too. You can also read best kitchen faucet at KitchenGuyd.com

KItchen Faucets


The top 4 pros of using a Pull Out Kitchen Faucet are:

  1. Fit for all sized sinks

One of the best things about a Pull Out kitchen faucet is that it can be used on a variety of sinks with considerable ease. You can install this kitchen faucet and its sprayer on an old sink too which is not compatible with many types of faucets. Apart from that, this faucet can be installed in both large sinks and small sinks and it is found to be efficient in both the cases. You can also check reviews about Copper chef.

  1. Easier washing and cleaning

Another great benefit of using a Pull-Out Kitchen faucet is that it comes with a high arc and a 360-degrees swivel functionality which makes it efficient in cleaning and washing utensils, vegetables etc. both inside the sink and outside the sink. You can direct the flow of water and ensure that no water is spilled outside which ensuring a proper cleaning. Due to its flexible spray wand and longer neck, you can easily clean various cracks and crevices in your utensils and you won’t have to move your utensils here and there anymore, you can just easily direct the water flow with your flexible and long faucet sprayer.

  1. Easier to fill pots and buckets

Another great advantage of using a Pull Out Kitchen faucet is that it can be used to fill tall pots and vessels, which is not so easy to achieve with a Pull Down Faucet. In fact, due to the longer neck, you can reach farther away to fill your utensils with water and clean your dishes. You can also use this faucet to fill your kitchen plants with water which makes this faucet even more convenient and useful than other faucet types.

  1. One-hand control

Well, the last but not the least, this faucet comes with a spray wand that is easy to control and since this is a single sprayer faucet, you just need your one hand to control this while you are free to use your other hand to perform other tasks like holding the utensils or washing them up. This faucet allows you to hold the spray and press the buttons to control the spray flow and temperature just with one hand which makes it super easy and convenient to use. No need to fumble with the water controls anymore, just with a little click and push, you will be able to get the desired flow and temperature.

How to Make Waffles

Hey Guys,

Gus here and today I will give you the complete guide on how to make waffles. I have been using these same strategies for years, to make some of the tastiest dishes in my restaurant.

So without further ado, let us move into this step-by-step guide to making some waffles for your friends and family.

Waffles for you Family

Step 1 – Heat up the Machine

First, you need to power up the machine (or waffle iron). The ideal temperature for the waffle iron depends on the model, but if you have no indication on the equipment that it is ready then I have a small trick that you can use.

Throw 3-4 drops of water on the plates, and if the drops dance for 3-4 seconds and then disappear, it indicates that your waffle iron is ready. If this isn’t the case, then you would have to wait for some more time.

Step 2 – Time to mix the dry ingredients 

Next mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl. By dry ingredients I mean, salt sugar or baking powder. Make sure that they are mixed thoroughly and if you are aiming for those fluffy layers, you can sift all the ingredients.

Step 3 – Separate the egg whites and the yolk

In my tests, it is best to use a machine or an egg white separator to do this, as you simply cannot let any yolk to seep into the egg whites.

Step 4 – Mix or beat the egg whites

The next step is fairly simple. You have to beat the egg whites. You have to beat them till they reach foamy consistency. The mix should be stiff, and you can’t leave it to dry.

Step 5 – Mix Liquid Ingredients

The next step is to mix all the liquid ingredients. You need to mix the yolks and oil in a separate bowl.

You need to keep mixing till all the ingredients are thoroughly combined. And yes, keep adding milk and vanilla while you are mixing the ingredients.

Step 6 – Combine all the Ingredients

Before you pour everything on the waffle iron, you need to mix all the wet and dry ingredients in one single bowl. Remember the goal is to reach through consistency where everything is moist and not to create lumps, as that will spoil your waffles and you will never get those fluffy layers. Personally mixing all this by a hand mixer can get tiring for your hands. If you have a love for batter based dishes you are better off with a stand mixer, but you have trouble choosing the perfect one for you, you can check out best stand mixer and buy the one which is best suited for your purpose.

Step 7 – Get the Waffle iron ready with oil

If you don’t want the waffles to stick, you need to oil the both the bottom and upper plates. You can use a simple or brush to do this.

Step 8 – Spread the batter over the plates

Now you need to pour the batter over the bottom plates. The amount of batter you pour depends on the size of the iron. If you are unsure, make sure that batter doesn’t spread throughout as waffles tend to puff up, when heated.

Step 9 – Close the lid & close the lid

Now you need to close the lid and simply wait for the waffles to cook. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind: –

  • Don’t completely press the lid down, as the waffle tend to puff up.
  • If you don’t have an advanced model, you would have to listen to the thermostat. If you don’t hear anything, that means that thermostat is now turned off indicating the waffles are done.
  • If the lid is hard, and you are not able to open it easily, that means the waffles aren’t completely ready. Give it a minute or two. If the waffles are thoroughly cooked, they become less sticky and you can easily open the lid.

Step 10 – Separate the waffles and serve them

Use a spatula to make sure that waffle doesn’t break, when you are separating it from the plates.

You can then serve your waffles with sugar and fruit mix. There are many different ways in which you can do this. However, this is the basic guide for preparing waffles.


If you have any doubts, feel free to comment below.

Why you need to use Tomatoes in your Dessert?

You are more likely to cringe when I say that you can use tomatoes in your dessert. But if you ask your grandmother the same question then she might be of a different opinion. In earlier times people used to grow certain vegetables in their backyards and to deal with the surplus they used to pick up overripe tomatoes and use them in desserts. They also used their imagination to cook incredible dishes, instead of relying on the internet for that. (Don’t feel bad, you live in a different age)

So today, I will share some ideas of how you can use tomatoes in your desserts, what kind of tomatoes you need to use and what to do if you can’t find them.


Kickass Tomato Recipe

Choose an organic tomato (because you’ll need the flavor), but make sure that isn’t completely ripe.

Remove the stem and take a bowl and boil some water. Then drop the tomato into that and then take it out after 10-15 seconds. Peel the skin off and cut it into small pieces (Preferably 4).

Then take brown sugar and water and caramelize the mixture. Then add the tomato pieces into the mixture and make sure the heat is low. Then use a spoon to coat the pieces with caramelized sugar.

Finally, take whipped cream and vanilla ice cream in 4 cups. Lay pieces of tomato on top of them and you would have one amazing dessert to serve your family and friends.

Apart from these, there are several other recipes where you can use tomatoes. For example, certain restaurants have now started serving tomato soup cake, as the flavor of a tomato is very subtle. Pastry Chef Michael Laiskonis makes a stunning tomato dessert pizza, where spreads tomatoes, cream and stewed raspberry on a pate sucre crust.

What kind of Tomatoes to choose?

Overripe tomatoes are preferred for desserts. Ripe tomatoes with their savory tastes find a ‘sweet’ spot in salads, but when you let them ripe for a couple of days or more, you tend to get rid of that salty taste and you are left with tomatoes which are perfect for desserts and sweet dishes.

Secondly, you will be better off with organic tomatoes because most mass-produced tomatoes that you can buy in America, today use pesticides and chemicals to boost growth, and to increase their shelf life. So they take more days to be ‘perfect for desserts’ and even then, the taste is not up to the mark. So you are better off pick organic tomatoes.

How to get these tomatoes?

So if you have been convinced to experiment with tomatoes for desserts, and you need to know where you can find those. The simplest way is to buy organic tomatoes from the store and keep them for additional 3-4 days in your refrigerator.

The second approach is if you are interested in gardening. This is the exact method I use in my home. Initially, I was quite reluctant about this since I hated to work with soil (Your Gus is a germ freak). But then I read about advanced hydroponics, which helps you grow plants with liquid nutrients. I use Aerogarden Ultra LED (you can check the review), as this gives you the flexibility to choose your tomatoes, and the produce is enough. And yes it can grow a variety of other things too.

So ladies and gentleman, I highly recommend you try out some tomato dessert recipes, to bring a slight change in your diet.


Crucial Elements of a Chicken Pie

Chicken Pie is perhaps one of the most adored dishes in all of the America. It doesn’t have all the shine and glamor, of ‘modern day dishes’ but it takes the same level of complexity to make one. Today I would like to share all the crucial elements that are needed to cook the most amazing chicken pie, along with some ‘Gus’s Cheat Code’ about them.

  1. Chicken

Chicken forms the core of the pie and for that Sunday Roast, you are most likely to sacrifice a whole bird. However, the most common complaint that I hear is that chicken gets dry because of the cooking process and decreases the taste of the pie. So are you ready to hear the secret used by restaurants to reduce dryness? Read my Cheat code:

Gus’s Cheat Code’ Instead of using the normal broth you can poach the bird in an ‘Aromatic Broth’ that results in a juicy & tender meat and also serves as the stock for your sauce.

Chicken Pie

  1. Vegetables

Most people think that vegetables are only used to give bulk to your pie, but they are many other reasons to use them. Vegetables provide the need much change in texture and flavor of the pie and also prevents the dish from going blind. After much research, I have narrowed down to three kinds of vegetables, which go well with chicken pie and take the taste to the next level.

Gus’s Cheat Code’ – Mushrooms and carrots are known to add a contrasting texture to the pie, and mushrooms always go well with a chicken dish. However, if you are not a big mushroom fan, you can even go with parsnips.  Finally, the leeks add a certain zing to the dish.

  1. Pork

Ham has been used for ages to add the savory touch to the pie; also most households have leftover ham in their freezers. Pork, however, makes the dish more fulfilling and if you are not watching your stomach, you will enjoy the amount of fat it brings to your sauce.

Gus’s Cheat Code’If you are going to use pork use big chunks of bacon, rather than thin slices. The big pieces’ blend well with the whole dish.

  1. Sauce

The difference between seeing your friends licking their fingers or passing a fake smile after eating your pie, all depends on the sauce. Dairy based sauces are preferred by most home cooks. Nevertheless, there are many additions you can make in your sauce, to add a certain ‘class’ to our pie. I share all about them in my cheat code.

Gus’s Cheat Code’If you want to pep up your dish you must add white wine to it. Secondly use the broth that was left when you were marinating your chicken, as gravy will make the dish more flavorful. If you are a fan of using alcohol in your dishes (like me ;)) then you can use Madeira. Finally, go light with cream thickeners.

  1. Toppings

Finally, I think toppings depend on your personal taste completely. Some like to use mashed potatoes while some like to make the top crunchy. A good tip, however, would be to make the pastry rough and puffy.

Other than these flavorings like thyme and sage are also recommended for your chicken pie. So if you want to read about my famous chicken pie recipe, I suggest you subscribe to my website, as I will be sharing them in some days.


Why I started this Blog?

how I start this blog

Hello Internet,

So this is my first post on this blog.

Let me you tell as to why started this website in the first place. I have always adored desserts and this is all due to my grandmother, who actually bought me to the culinary world. I also love to cook a lot of savory dishes and meat is perhaps one thing which I use the most.

I found this domain on GoDaddy, I know waffles and chicken doesn’t go together but these I have waffles at least thrice a week (don’t worry I burn my calories too) and chicken dishes are loved by my wife. So due to these reasons, I bought this domain.

In my blog, you will find tons of information related to the world of cooking, but predominantly I will share my experience on desserts and meat related dishes. If you ever wish to get in touch with me you can drop check out the Contact us Page.