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Crucial Elements of a Chicken Pie

Chicken Pie is perhaps one of the most adored dishes in all of the America. It doesn’t have all the shine and glamor, of ‘modern day dishes’ but it takes the same level of complexity to make one. Today I would like to share all the crucial elements that are needed to cook the most amazing chicken pie, along with some ‘Gus’s Cheat Code’ about them.

  1. Chicken

Chicken forms the core of the pie and for that Sunday Roast, you are most likely to sacrifice a whole bird. However, the most common complaint that I hear is that chicken gets dry because of the cooking process and decreases the taste of the pie. So are you ready to hear the secret used by restaurants to reduce dryness? Read my Cheat code:

Gus’s Cheat Code’ Instead of using the normal broth you can poach the bird in an ‘Aromatic Broth’ that results in a juicy & tender meat and also serves as the stock for your sauce.

Chicken Pie

  1. Vegetables

Most people think that vegetables are only used to give bulk to your pie, but they are many other reasons to use them. Vegetables provide the need much change in texture and flavor of the pie and also prevents the dish from going blind. After much research, I have narrowed down to three kinds of vegetables, which go well with chicken pie and take the taste to the next level.

Gus’s Cheat Code’ – Mushrooms and carrots are known to add a contrasting texture to the pie, and mushrooms always go well with a chicken dish. However, if you are not a big mushroom fan, you can even go with parsnips.  Finally, the leeks add a certain zing to the dish.

  1. Pork

Ham has been used for ages to add the savory touch to the pie; also most households have leftover ham in their freezers. Pork, however, makes the dish more fulfilling and if you are not watching your stomach, you will enjoy the amount of fat it brings to your sauce.

Gus’s Cheat Code’If you are going to use pork use big chunks of bacon, rather than thin slices. The big pieces’ blend well with the whole dish.

  1. Sauce

The difference between seeing your friends licking their fingers or passing a fake smile after eating your pie, all depends on the sauce. Dairy based sauces are preferred by most home cooks. Nevertheless, there are many additions you can make in your sauce, to add a certain ‘class’ to our pie. I share all about them in my cheat code.

Gus’s Cheat Code’If you want to pep up your dish you must add white wine to it. Secondly use the broth that was left when you were marinating your chicken, as gravy will make the dish more flavorful. If you are a fan of using alcohol in your dishes (like me ;)) then you can use Madeira. Finally, go light with cream thickeners.

  1. Toppings

Finally, I think toppings depend on your personal taste completely. Some like to use mashed potatoes while some like to make the top crunchy. A good tip, however, would be to make the pastry rough and puffy.

Other than these flavorings like thyme and sage are also recommended for your chicken pie. So if you want to read about my famous chicken pie recipe, I suggest you subscribe to my website, as I will be sharing them in some days.


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