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Why you need to use Tomatoes in your Dessert?

You are more likely to cringe when I say that you can use tomatoes in your dessert. But if you ask your grandmother the same question then she might be of a different opinion. In earlier times people used to grow certain vegetables in their backyards and to deal with the surplus they used to pick up overripe tomatoes and use them in desserts. They also used their imagination to cook incredible dishes, instead of relying on the internet for that. (Don’t feel bad, you live in a different age)

So today, I will share some ideas of how you can use tomatoes in your desserts, what kind of tomatoes you need to use and what to do if you can’t find them.


Kickass Tomato Recipe

Choose an organic tomato (because you’ll need the flavor), but make sure that isn’t completely ripe.

Remove the stem and take a bowl and boil some water. Then drop the tomato into that and then take it out after 10-15 seconds. Peel the skin off and cut it into small pieces (Preferably 4).

Then take brown sugar and water and caramelize the mixture. Then add the tomato pieces into the mixture and make sure the heat is low. Then use a spoon to coat the pieces with caramelized sugar.

Finally, take whipped cream and vanilla ice cream in 4 cups. Lay pieces of tomato on top of them and you would have one amazing dessert to serve your family and friends.

Apart from these, there are several other recipes where you can use tomatoes. For example, certain restaurants have now started serving tomato soup cake, as the flavor of a tomato is very subtle. Pastry Chef Michael Laiskonis makes a stunning tomato dessert pizza, where spreads tomatoes, cream and stewed raspberry on a pate sucre crust.

What kind of Tomatoes to choose?

Overripe tomatoes are preferred for desserts. Ripe tomatoes with their savory tastes find a ‘sweet’ spot in salads, but when you let them ripe for a couple of days or more, you tend to get rid of that salty taste and you are left with tomatoes which are perfect for desserts and sweet dishes.

Secondly, you will be better off with organic tomatoes because most mass-produced tomatoes that you can buy in America, today use pesticides and chemicals to boost growth, and to increase their shelf life. So they take more days to be ‘perfect for desserts’ and even then, the taste is not up to the mark. So you are better off pick organic tomatoes.

How to get these tomatoes?

So if you have been convinced to experiment with tomatoes for desserts, and you need to know where you can find those. The simplest way is to buy organic tomatoes from the store and keep them for additional 3-4 days in your refrigerator.

The second approach is if you are interested in gardening. This is the exact method I use in my home. Initially, I was quite reluctant about this since I hated to work with soil (Your Gus is a germ freak). But then I read about advanced hydroponics, which helps you grow plants with liquid nutrients. I use Aerogarden Ultra LED (you can check the review), as this gives you the flexibility to choose your tomatoes, and the produce is enough. And yes it can grow a variety of other things too.

So ladies and gentleman, I highly recommend you try out some tomato dessert recipes, to bring a slight change in your diet.


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